Monday, 3 June 2013

Finding the Right Travel Insurance Company

Choosing a travel insurance company that you can trust is as important as selecting the type of insurance policy. Your policy is no good if you can't collect on your claim. Here are some ways to check out your insurance carrier:
1. Start with a good insurance comparison site. Squaremouth, TravelInsuranceCenter, Insuremytrip and others provide quotes and various insurance packages from top-rated travel insurance companies. They also offer information on the type of travel insurance you will need.
2. Look for indicators that you are dealing with a trustworthy company over the internet.
* They should be a member of the Better Business Bureau.
* When it comes time to buy, make sure that the site is secure for personal information and financial transactions.
* Try to select a website that offers many choices of insurance plans, companies and quotations. Even if you have a favorite insurance carriers, you'll be able to compare them with competitors on aggregator sites.
* Check out their customer service. Ultimately, that's what pays for you. Make sure that they have a 'Contact Us', an extensive 'FAQ', 24-hour emergency lines, and a way for you to contact them at your convenience.
3. Check with authority sites such as the Better Business Bureau Online. Do a search on the A.M. Best database that shows all insurance companies and their ratings. The U.S. Travel Insurance Association also has a list of all their members. Make sure that your selected travel insurance company can offer you the best deal. The best deal is not necessarily the cheapest option, but rather a policy that will provide the coverage that you need.
Of course, even comparing sites that compare insurance carriers can be daunting. You'll find lots of sites with a mix of carriers and a variety of plans.