Monday, 3 June 2013

Travel Insurance Quotes - As Important as Your Passport for Any Trip Abroad

One of the last things most travellers planning a vacation or business trip want to think about is the possibility of getting sick, injured, or even dying, while abroad. But travel medical insurance is an absolute must before heading out, and getting a travel insurance quote is one of those necessary tasks that may seem mundane, but will give you peace of mind once it's done. Getting several travel insurance quotes is important because package rates can really vary, and you want to find the best rate with the most extensive coverage that you possibly can.
One of the more popular ways to get an insurance quote these days is online, where many companies compete for your business. Caution is advised, however, when dealing with an online insurance company, because it is very easy for any company to appear larger and more reputable than they really are. Not to say that smaller insurance companies are necessarily bad, but care must be taken to ensure you are dealing with a company that can handle a claim, should the need arise.
The best way to find out whether on not you can rely on your travel insurance company is to go over all the details of the package as carefully as you can. Find out who the underwriter is for the company, as this is really who ends up paying out should you need to make a claim. There are only a handful of major insurance underwriters, and as long as your insurance company is affiliated with one of them you probably don't have to worry.
Travel insurance quotes are also usually available through your local bank. This is a great way to get coverage for your trip, as not only can you rely on your bank's reputation, the insurance is easily obtained and can be paid straight out of your bank account. Having a history with the bank helps in your dealing with them overall, and in the event of a claim this should help things go smoothly.
The language of travel insurance contracts is often very dense, and requires a bit of time to go through. This, however, is time well spent, because often there are variable in the contract that can be addressed if they don't particularly suit your needs. The kind of insurance package you require depends very much on the kind of trip you are taking. For instance, a business trip with a few days of golf is going to be very different than a trekking vacation in the Himalayas, and your insurance should reflect that. Don't just opt for a blanket package, read through it and make sure that the kinds of activities you are going to engage in are not excluded from the package. If you run a chance of getting an injury from a particular activity, or have a higher likelihood of getting ill because of a location you are visiting, then you must be sure your insurance coverage is effective for these possibilities.
The length of the term is another area to look at. Give yourself a buffer, in case of flight delays or other complications. The cost to you will be minimal, but the extra coverage will be helpful if a delay does occur. It has been known to happen that people are injured on the very last day of a trip. If you are not necessarily on a tight schedule, than make sure you can extend your insurance should you decide to stay. This can be set up in advance with your insurance company, and will require only a 'phone call and bank withdrawal for coverage.
Another area these days to look at for travel insurance quotes is your credit card company. Many credit card companies now offer lots of extra perks, including, in some cases, insurance. These are generally not adequate coverage to rely on completely, but often can be a good addition to your insurance. Check with your company before you travel.
The task of getting travel insurance quotes may not be one that most travellers relish, but it is as important as bringing your passport. In fact, some countries require proof of insurance before they will even admit visitors into their country. The good news is that getting quotes, and obtaining insurance, is incredibly easy and convenient these days. There is no excuse to travel without coverage, so do your homework before you leave and enjoy peace of mind for your whole journey.